How IIMBx MOOCs have transformed classroom experience by Blended learning!

Blended learning is an approach wherein teaching is a combination of in class and online learning.

Results of survey conducted by IIMBx with our Blended MOOC FDP Participants

Having discovered the advantages of the blended MOOC approach, it only makes sense to spread its accessibility to educators all over. Hence Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) are designed to discover, experiment and adapt this technique with ease. Over the past 2 years, we have conducted four FDPs at various locations with a vision to transform the teaching-learning experience.

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IIMBx Impact: Learner Story

Insights from MOOC Programme Learning – IIMBx

“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great”

– Dr APJ Abdul Kalam | Former President of India.

Having opted for Banking and Financial services for my post-graduation in MBA after 3 years of experience in IT industry, I was quite excited since my journey in my earlier organization mostly involved working on finance verticals. I was also well aware of the fact that there is a rising requirement in the industry for finance experts.

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‘Intern’al Experience at IIMBx

Internships are like a warm-up before you participate in your marathon to success. They prepare you for all that is going to be thrown at you ahead in your future workplace. My internship at IIMBx did more than just that!

Being a telecom engineer never stopped me from pursuing my passion for writing and the team at IIMBx recognized it and gave me an opportunity to explore, hone and strengthen these skills. I worked majorly on developing content for social media marketing of the MOOCs. Every course that I had to write about was as interesting as the others. Not hailing from a management background gave me an opportunity to explore these courses as any other student would. And this student within me found all the MOOCs enthralling and recognized how uniquely different each course was.

I did get an opportunity to further develop my skills but my time with the IIMBx team was more than just work and play. Small but deep insights discussed over tea breaks, detailed conversations at luncheons, healthy competition on the badminton court and the grandeur of festive celebrations– these are some of my most memorable times here.


My August – November 2016 internship at IIMBx was a breath of fresh air (also literally!). Every organization works collectively to achieve their goals but it is here that I witnessed how all this can be achieved by doing what you like and loving what you do. I am grateful to the team for accepting me into their family with open arms and wish them success in all future endeavors. Please keep the MOOCs coming!

Pooja R Rao (Pooja Rama)

Ex-Intern (Content development)

Check out the MOOC impact so far…

Time and again Indian Institute of Management Bangalore has proved to be one among the best business schools in the world. Staying true to its mission of building leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education, IIMB launched IIMBx- a Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) Programme in partnership with edX.

With over two years since its launch, the programme’s success rate is increasing exponentially. At IIMBx we have seen a high rate of enthusiastic learners enrolling and completing the courses. As of now we have over 5000 verified learners and these numbers seem to only grow, course by course.

We enquired from these learners what they liked the most about our courses. Unlike other students who find assignments as one of the most dreadful elements of education, our learners have rated it the highest.  The other most liked elements were the videos, content, webinars and the discussion forum.

Our MOOCs have helped 48.46% of students improve understanding in their field of study. In response to how the courses helped their career, around 39.29% of the verified learners found these MOOCs as a way to enhance their skills for the current job. Also, 22.86% of learners improved their candidacy for a new job.


As a way forward, we have designed the MicroMasters– a series of higher-level courses derived from IIMB’s master’s programs for relevant job advancement and deeper learning in a specific subject area.  The credits earned during this programme will be taken into account if you would want to pursue the course on campus.

The advantages of MOOCs are innumerable and as we continue to release more courses online, these advantages seem to crop up more frequently. Join us today to know more and explore the world of MOOCs.

Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise

Years ago, petroleum was considered as the ultimate solution for our fuel needs. But with its continuous exploitation, there has been a necessity to look for alternatives. With strategies to ensure judicious utilization of this resource, it could have withstood the test of time.

There are many examples of how certain ‘need of the hour’ solutions have harmed the near future of varied organizations. Therefore it is highly essential to strategize for a sustainable future. It is also necessary to understand the effects of various issues a corporate could be vulnerable to.


Here is our MOOC titled “Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise“to help you understand more about strategy and sustainability taking into consideration real life scenarios of various organizations as case studies. Insights from industry experts will give you a distinctive edge to apprehend and further apply this knowledge to analyse the situations of other companies. And ultimately this course will help you thoroughly scrutinize your future decisions.

Join us today to learn how sustainability issues influence corporate strategy and how corporations can transform these challenges into sources of competitive advantage.

The course begins on 13th October 2016. Please visit the link below to enroll:

A MOOC on International Business Environment and Global Strategy

Here is an interesting story…
Once upon a time there was a tiny frog in a small pond. His friend, another frog from the Atlantic Ocean, came to visit him. He described to the tiny frog how vast the ocean is but the poor little tiny frog could not perceive the vastness of the world outside of his own pond. He enquired if the ocean is five times greater than his pond or if it’s ten times greater.
Being unaware of the world outside our home ground could land us in a similar situation. This approach cannot be accepted in today’s world.

Diversity among nations in terms of culture, politics, economics, legal practices, and technology is an intriguing field of study and too scrumptious to ignore. It is fascinating to explore the effect of the diverse strategies of different nations on the international business environments. It is all the more enthralling to unravel the conditions that led to the formulation of such strategies. The role of a country’s labour, students, farmers, NGOs and military in shaping such policies is very interesting to investigate.

Our MOOC titled “International Business Environment and Global Strategy“ will help you discover all this and more about today’s international business environment.

international-business-banner-imageJoin us on this journey to study the forces that influence the strategy making of nations like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Chile, Turkey, India and South Africa. This course will help you analyze the reaction of past events on a nation’s present condition and also lays a foundation of learning for the future.

The course begins on 29th September 2016. Please visit the link below to enroll:!

Stupendous Statistics


Statistics is an essential part of our everyday life. Although all our decisions are based on it, we might remain oblivion to it. In Business, however, analyzing, interpreting, organizing and making decisions based on statistics is highly crucial.

Our course Statistics for Business- I, will help you formulate effective spreadsheets and utilize them for decision making. Most of our discussions are based on real data from diverse areas such as economics, finance, and HR.

Here is what Vishwas, one of our learners has to say about the course:

“I am very thankful to IIMB and the team (Prof. Shankar, Sunil, Ishita, Lysa, VijayKumar Menon and all others who helped) for making this course an amazing experience. I appreciate the centrality of the concepts that this course attempted to focus on. Earlier, my statistical ideas were sort of dispersed but when vlookup with confidence to strengthen them, we can definitely filter our doubts and derive an important understanding out of them. This increased my mean time spent on real life statistical issues and reduced my conceptual deviations in a very standard way. I guess I was MAD earlier. My variable understanding of the issues have turned quite constant and I can categorically say, I can fare better than earlier in any numerical assessment. You need to count me in because my problem-solving frequency has improved. Next time my boss asks me how many grams of grey cells I actually have in working mode, I would certainly say histograms. No matter whether he boxes me or plots me against my rivals, I would certainly change his negatively skewed opinion of me and fall among top 1% of the workforce. This was the introduction of IIMB on edx and you have done a stupendous job. I owe my unconditional support for the next 3 courses of this series and the probability of me joining them is not at all marginal. I would not require any tree to make my decision in that regard. Baye and regards Vishwas”

To give you a hint of just how big a hit this course was, another learner, Nikhil Vasuki has shot a Statistics Rap video:

Join us today to understand all aspects of Statistics and be able to apply it to real business problems. For further details, please click here.

Valley of Risks and the Financial System


Development is reflected by the progress of economic entities whose performance is measured in terms of their balanced/surplus/deficit financial situations. A sound financial situation of entities is possible through efficient channelization of funds in any financial system.

A robust financial system provides the efficient mechanism to ensure the transfer of funds, via different routes, from the entities who have surplus funds to the entities who face the deficit or need funds desperately.

The recent technological developments and revolutionary changes in the payment and settlement systems amplified the need for more interconnectedness as well as transparency in today’s complex financial system.

The more complex a financial system becomes the more the complexities arise. The more the mismatches take place between objectives and needs, as a result more the risks.

Risk is not a précis concept but the possibility of an actual outcome being different from the expected one. In other words, the probability of some unpleasant happening that results in damage or harm or loss that may not be exactly quantified at times, as in the case of recent global financial meltdown and turmoil.

As we all know that risk can neither be eliminated nor can it be erased completely but can be managed, that too at a desired level if well understood.

To manage risks at a desired level, there is a need to understand the types of risks involved, the tools and techniques to manage these risks, the implications and limitations of effectively managing these risks as well as the exposure and impact in case of risk management failure.

The online MOOC titled “Banking and Financial Markets: A Risk Management Perspective” offered by IIMBx on the edX platform helps you explore the world of risk and risk management in great detail. This advanced level course designed and presented by Professor PC Narayan, faculty IIM Bangalore, starting 25th August, is open for enrolment now.

To explore more about the course and acquire further details please follow this link.

 Learn, reinforce and grow!

[This blog is written by Divya Pareek, Pedagogical Research Assistant, IIMBx, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore]

IIMBx MOOCs-Making education ‘skill-centric’!

As India celebrates her 70th Independence Day, we at IIMBx would like to share a vision of improving the education scene in India and worldwide with MOOCs.

IIMBx MOOCs have helped 3,00,000+ students globally transform their learning experience. IIMBx has announced 19 courses out of which 14 courses have been completed till now. Learners from more than 185 countries have been positively impacted by these courses.

Global learners

Today, the industry requires skilled candidates rather than mere degree holders. IIMBx courses not only help learners understand the topics but also provide deep insights. Thus making the learning process- skill-centric and not restricted to theoretical understanding alone.
The hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. Enough is said and done in matters of improving teaching quality in India, but now it’s time to transform the learning process. And this is where MOOCs come into the picture.

pablo (2)


It is high time that students receive education that will help them build a livelihood. With the courses we offer on the edX platform, learners are free to take them at their own pace and time.
Enroll today to the course of your choice and add a new skill to your profile! Visit to know more.

[This blog is written by Pooja Rama, Intern at IIMBx, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore]

IIMBx impact on students, globally!

With its take off in Sept 2015, IIMBx MOOCs have helped 275,000 learners (and counting) excel in topics that would otherwise have been difficult to comprehend. From the very beginning, these courses have become an instant favorite among its takers and this is reflected from the course ratings and student feedback.

The online discussion forums are a great platform where students from around the globe can interact with each other and the faculty. No doubt the faculty involved have successfully been able to connect to the students via the web. One of the key features, why these programs are a hit among the students, is the effective utilization of audio, video, image and textual learning.

Enroll now to the course of your choice to experience learning like never before!